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You’re invited to a Mickey Mouse birthday party!  Well, you’re invited to get some inspiration, at least, at the Mickey Mouse birthday party I just threw for my 3-year-old son, Carter. Now you should understand that Carter LOVES Mickey Mouse.  He used to call him “Myna Mo” and while he now knows how to say “Mickey Mouse” correctly (and so much more…seriously, this kid can talk your ear off), the love is still there.  So I’ve been dreaming up this Mickey Mouse birthday party for quite some time now, and he thankfully loved it just as much as I thought he would.

Let’s start with the Mickey Mouse invitation.  My goal for theme parties is to use recognizable symbols so you know what the party is all about, while also avoiding copyrighted characters…namely anything you would find in the party aisle. So our Mickey Mouse invitation (and other printables) focused on the 3-circle combination everyone recognizes as Mickey Mouse, and the colors red, white, black and yellow.  Since a Mickey-shaped invitation wouldn’t fit well in an envelope, I dreamed up a unique way to make it happen.  Here it is:

Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Invitation

The Mickey Mouse invitation has all of the party details printed on one big 5″ circle, then a cute poem is printed on two 3″ circles, which I attached using cute little black button brads.  To put each Mickey Mouse invitation in the hot yellow square envelopes we bought, I rotated the circles in since the brads allowed them to pivot, and then our friends got to take the Mickey Mouse invitation out of the envelope and open it back up again.  So many of our friends contacted me to tell me how much their kids loved the invitation!  And when the kids love it, that’s the ultimate compliment!  If you’re interested in using these Mickey Mouse invitations for your Mickey Mouse birthday party, you can find the digital files in my Etsy shop and I’ve written a full tutorial on how to create these Mickey Mouse invitations here.

I also tried to plan some other fun details for the party ahead of time.  One of my favorite parts of any party is the food table.  Here’s the whole Mickey Mouse birthday party food table set-up:

First up is the banner hanging over the table.  On either side of my C-A-R-T-E-R  M-O-U-S-E circle banner, I made “glove balloons” (one of Mickey and his friends’ favorite modes of transportation on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) for Mickey and his pals to ride in using the gloves from Carter’s Halloween costume from last year, yellow ribbon, little red bowls and lots of hot glue!  These were one of my favorite details from the party, and I tied the banner up onto the thumb of each glove.  I also added some white “buttons” onto the red tablecloth to simulate Mickey’s shorts, then I ran some pretty white and black wrapping paper down the length of the table to put all of the food on so the red food table tents would “pop.”

I love coming up with themed food items to coordinate with the party. So since I’ve watched many-an-episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, I came up with the following Mickey Mouse food ideas:

  • Red Minnie Bows: BABYBEL CHEESE (cut into quarters and arranged like hair bows)
  • Goofy Hats: GREEN GRAPES
  • Donald Hats: BLUEBERRIES
  • Daisy Dots: GRAPE NERDS
  • Gooey Fish: GUMMY FISH
  • Duck Beaks: CARROTS
  • Martian Mickey Sticks: CELERY
  • Mickey Shoes: LEMON DROPS
  • Mickey Shorts: DIPPED OREO COOKIES
  • Pluto Snacks: COCOA PUFFS
  • Mickey Crisps: CHIPS
  • Pink Minnie Bows: WATERMELON (cut into triangles and arranged like hair bows)
  • Pete’s Beans: JELLY BEANS

Here are some pictures:

Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Food Table

Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Oreo Cupcakes

Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Food Table

Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Oreo Pops

Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Food Table

We also came up with some fun Mickey Mouse favors for our friends to take home: Mickey Mouse pumpkins! We got some supplies from our craft store (big black pom poms for ears, googly eyes, and yellow pom poms for shoes) then went to the local pumpkin patch where Carter picked out 20 little pumpkins. Then we took them home and started crafting! The results was a batch of super-cute Mickey Mouse favors that our friends got to take home and use for Halloween decorations!  Here is a picture:

Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Pumpkin Favors

We also did a fun Mickey Mouse craft for the kiddos, which involved deconstructing Mickey’s face so he was missing ears, eyes and a nose, then letting the kiddos use our leftover pom poms from the pumpkin favors to glue them back on again. My husband laughed at me for putting this Mickey Mouse craft together the night before the party, but the kiddos all loved it!

Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Craft

All in all, it was a beautiful day with our friends and family and the birthday boy especially had a sugar-and-Mickey-fueled blast.  Heres to many more birthdays to come!

Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Mama and Carter