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Mickey Mouse Birthday Invitation

The Mickey Mouse  invitations I designed for my son Carter’s third birthday are my new favorites!  And since I did a lot of Mickey-related Pinterest searching prior to hosting Carter’s Mickey Mouse birthday party (see more about the party in this post), I know that there aren’t a ton of unique Mickey Mouse invitations out there.  So if you’re willing to be a bit crafty, here’s a Mickey Mouse invitation tutorial showing you how I made these Mickey Mouse invitations a reality.

You can head to my Etsy shop to purchase the digital files for the (above) Mickey Mouse invitation from Firefly Invitations (you supply your Mickey Mouse birthday party details and I will include them and email you a PDF that you can either print yourself at home or have printed somewhere else, like FedEx Office). Or if you would rather create your own Mickey Mouse invitation design and just use this Mickey Mouse invitation tutorial for the “mechanics” then more power to you!


Here are all of the supplies you’ll need for each invitation:

Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Invitations Supplies

  • (1) 5″ circle “big circle” component of the Mickey Mouse invitation (used for Mickey’s “face”)
  • (2) 3″ circle “small circle” components of the Mickey Mouse invitation (used for Mickey’s “ears”)
  • (2) small brads (I used small black “button” brads from Michaels)
  • Scissors
  • 3″ circle punch (you can find these at most craft stores or online)
  • Small hole punch
  • 5″ square envelope (I used bright yellow “Mickey shoe” colored envelopes)
  • You’ll also need a $0.65 stamp (square envelopes cost more to send, but the extra postage covered the square envelope and the bump the brads made since they had to be hand cancelled)
1 Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Invitation Tutorial

1. Cut out 5″ big Mickey Mouse invitation circle from paper.
Note that I originally planned to use one of the large circle cutters that works kind of like a compass to cut out my big Mickey Mouse invitation circles, but I ruined quite a few invitations before I realized I wasn’t strong enough to get a good cut, and it was time for a change of plans!  So I just used scissors and cut them out, which worked way better.

2 Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Invitation Tutorial

2. Punch out the (2) small Mickey Mouse invitation circles from paper using the 3″ circle punch.

3 Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Invitation Tutorial

3. Punch small holes with the small hole punch on the top left and right side of the big circle. (I just eyeballed it and used the white lines as a reference point.)  Then punch small holes on the bottom right of the “Meeska Mooska” circle and the bottom left of the other circle.  Yep, I screwed this up a few times, too, reversing the location of the punches!

4 Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Invitation Tutorial

4. Attach the small circles to the big circle using the brads.
I found it looked better with the small circles overlapping the front of the big circles.

5 Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Invitation Tutorial
5. Rotate the small circles inward so you’re left with one 5″ Mickey Mouse invitation circle that you can stuff into the square envelope.
I put them in so the brads were on the top of the envelope.

6. You’ll need to either get $0.65 stamps at the post office or use a regular stamp with extra postage (or technically you could use two regular stamps, but that’s the most expensive option).

Ta-da!  Your very own custom Mickey Mouse invitations!  I had so many of our friends contact me to tell me how much they—and their kiddos—had loved the invitations, which makes me so happy to hear.  I hope that those of you who try this tutorial have a similar response!  And if you do give it a try, please leave me a comment and let me know how it turned out.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me at info@fireflyinvitations.com, and I’d be glad to help you out!